Business Analysis and Sales & Marketing Advice

The Window Consultant specialises in providing low-cost affordable business advice, analysis and strategic direction to all shapes, sizes and sectors of the UK Window & Glass Industry.

With a particular focus to retail and trade window companies, The Window Consultant can perform a soul searching one day audit of your business whereby all outward facing activities, information, results, people and departments are analysed and interviewed to allow for an accurate and objective picture of your business to be built.

From this audit, a report and subsequent presentation can then be commissioned to give your company a clearer picture of where they are positioned within their respective market with simple, practical and easily implemented recommendations to improve sales and profitability.

The audit can look at the business from an overall perspective or focus on specific tasks, issues, problems or opportunities resulting in a process which is: -

Please visit the Case Studies section of this website to find out more or contact us to find out how for as little as £250 you can access a ‘fast track’ audit to build a better picture of your window business.